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Registered Name 

Rich Mighty Moe
Sire: CH D1's Iron Horse
Dam: CH Indian Princess Spears

Whelped: January 28, 2013




1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation  4th Generation  5th Generation



 CH D1's Iron Horse



 Am CH Cherokee Legend Rock

 Am CH. Cherokee Legend Crazy Horse
 BISS CH. Legacy's Cajun Zeus
 Hetherbull Millcoat Pippen
 Brown Ridge's Sweetie Pie
 BISS CH. Cherokee Mardel Sage
CH. Nat'l.
Millcoats Titus
(Becket) #1 A.S.
Cherokee Falon
 Am. CH Empires Cleopatra
 CH. Flippin's Scout
 CH. Millcoat's Geronimo
 Flippin's My Bonnie
 Kong's Kat Butler
 Am. CH. Cherokee Legend Mouser Bill
 Kong's Katie Scarlet B.
 D 1's Striking Beauty
 Am. CH. Beauties Amos
 CH. Nat'l Millcoats Titus (Becket) #1 A.S.
 Am. CH. Walnut Row Moe's Mighty Sampson
Millcoats Forever Floppsy
 CH. Beauties Repeat
 CH. Beauties Fuss Buster
 CH. Beauties Ms. Vivian
 Melrods Dolly Pardon
 BISS CH. Legacy's Cajun Zeus
 Hetherbull Millcoat Pippen
 Brown Ridge's Sweetie Pie
 Picalo's Seaside Minuet
 Eng. CH. Hobtop Picalo
 Mac Maggie Mae



CH Indian Princess Spears

CH Silverspoons Nothing Personal CH Adamant Warlock CH Cherokee Legend Pretty Boy CH Legacy's Cajun Zues
Cherokee Legend Beatrice
Adamant Staypuft Marshmallow CH Roscoe's White Lightning
CH Unionmac Rave Review
Silverspoon's Born Into The Lace CH Silverspoon's The Full Monty CH Little Ponds Chief
CH Silverspoon's Ashley Aiken
 Mytemugshot's TLC CH Prestwick Gawain
CH TLC's Rushelle
CH Betsy Hakeem Spears CH Rocket City's Hakeem CH Po' Boys Hoss CH Millcoats Geronimo
CH Wilson's Lil Hannah
Saltfork's My Little Maggie CH Vincent's Real McCoy
Saltfork's Lit'l Lady Goldbug
Catfish Charley Girl Spears  WilsonPo Boy Catfish CH Po' Boys Hoss
Poboys Miracle Mary
Majo's Do Little Butterball Po' Boys Whiskey
Roxanne Roberts


Sired By Moe

Moe is available for Stud Service,  I do ship cooled semen. For more information contact me at


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