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Reg Name

CH D1's Modern Day Romeo

Sire: Peres Millennium Falcon
Dam: D1's American Honey

Romeo is HUU & Cystinuria Clear


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 Peres Millennium Falcon

Peres King Of DiamondsThe Devil Looks like Rocco "Peres"
Ocobo Freddy Mystyle
Ocobo Golden Icon Mystyle
Dandant Cologne Ocobo
Lemon Fresa FrambuesaCaptain Hudson With Mystyle
Lemon Vom Gracias Gloria
Fortunate City Summer LightMr Lucky SaintgeorgesOcobo Flag Ship Mystyle
Ocobo Good Time Girl
Hiising Hii BallSaintgeorges Shakemaker Mystyle
Hiising Slightly Tipsy
CH Peres In The MoodCH Banta's Royal Creed At PeresOcobo Freddy MystyleOcobo Golden Icon Mystyle
Dandant Cologne Ocobo
CH Admireabull Cherry BlossomOcobo Flag Ship Mystyle
Admireabull Sweet Pea
CH Peres Strawberry FieldsQuidnunc's Golden Boy MugsyAyrton Senna San Simon Bulls
Quidnunc's Turtle Dove
Quidnunc's Lucy In The SkyCH Quidnunc's Diesel 590 Sm
Boogies Bootylicious
D1's American HoneyCH GCHS Kokopelli's D1 Wild ElectricCH D1's Iron Horse
CH Cherokee Legend RockCH Cherokee Legend Crazy Horse
CH Empires Cleopatra
D1's Striking BeautyCH Beauties Amos
Melrods Dolly Pardon
D1's Santa MariaGarza's Flashing RockDingmans Flashback
Phenix's SP Agent Starling
D1's Striking BeautyCH Beauties Amos
Melrods Dolly Pardon
D1's Tailor MaidCH Bryson's Stewie
CH Adamant Warlock
CH Cherokee Legend Pretty Boy
Adamant Staypuff Marshmallow
CH Clarks Duchess Of Westbury
CH Chimera Dowats The Bandit
Clarks Cinnamon Girl
GCH CH Kaylou's Hey Girl DaniCH D1's Iron HorseCH Cherokee Legend Rock
D1's Striking Beauty
Kaylou's Happy DaiseyCH Cherokee Legend Pretty Boy

Aquirre's Grand Ball Of Fire

Romeo is available for Stud Service and is AKC DNA certified.  I do ship cooled semen. For more information contact me at 


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